Unable to access Adobe Analytics due to “Analytics Login Expired” error

In this document you will learn how to access Adobe Analytics when you get an error message - Analytics Login expired and needs to be renewed by a product admin.

Description description


Adobe Analytics


An error message below is displayed when access Adobe Analytics.

Analytics Login Expired
The Analytics Login has expired and will need to be renewed by a product admin.

Resolution resolution

This occurs since the current date resides outside the valid date range for the account. Work with an Analytics administrator in your organization to extend the valid date range of the login. Adobe Customer Support is not authorized to change valid login date ranges for user accounts.

  1. As an Analytics administrator, go to Adobe Analytics > Admin > Analytics users & assets
  2. Select a User ID in question
  3. In User Management window, extend the valid date range ‘Login valid from (mm/dd/yy):’ and ‘to (mm/dd/yy):’. Or, just uncheck the checkbox.

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