Package installation issue on AEMaaCS

If you get an error while installing a package on AEMaaCS, it may contain an immutable path. This article will help you fix the error and successfully install the package.

Description description


Experience Manager as a Cloud Service


When trying to install a package on an AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) instance, the user receives the error:

Package (or its subpackage(s)) contains application content which isn’t supported at runtime.

The package can be successfully installed on an On-Premise instance or on a local SDK.

Resolution resolution

The package the user is trying to install contains /apps and it cannot be uploaded to an AEMaaCS instance via the package manager if it contains any immutable path.
At runtime only mutable areas like /content, /conf, etc. can be modified.

This package should be deployed via the cloud manager pipeline, embedding it in the all module.

Note : Make sure that the third-party package is compatible with cloud service.