Misleading Error message pops up when creating a live copy for a page with more than 100 children

Description description

When customers are creating a live copy from the language master for a page with more than 100 children, they always see an error message

“Fail to submit the form”.

However, that error message is misleading, because the backend process is still working and the live copy is successfully created.

Resolution resolution

This is happening because the Skyline instance has a request time limit of 1 minute.
If nothing comes from the server within this ingress timeout, the request fails with 503.
This can also be seen from the browser developer console: The request to create the live copy starts at e.g., “Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2022 10:33:36 GMT” and it “fails” with a 503 error at “date: Fri, 26 Aug 2022 10:34:36 GMT”. Therefore, the HTTP request is terminated in 1 minute.
However, once the command to create the live copy is triggered it gets created and appears in the site hierarchy after some time although the UI got the 503 error after ingress timed out. The logs also illustrate the fact that the live copy’s creation continues even after the error is displayed. The fact that the site has so many children is the reason why it takes more time to complete.