Filter on Inbox Notifications Page Results in Error

Description description

When trying to use the filter for the inbox notifications, the following server error is received in the browsers dev console:

`<` html`>`
`<` head`>` `<` title`>` 500 Internal Server Error`<` /title`>` `<` /head`>`
`<` body`>`
`<` h1`>` Internal Server Error`<` /h1`>`
`<` p`>` Cannot serve request to /mnt/overlay/granite/ui/content/shell/omnisearch/searchresults.html in /libs/granite/ui/components/coral/foundation/table/table.jsp`<` /p`>`

`<` h3`>` Exception:`<` /h3`>`
`<` pre`>`

The issue is reproducible on AEM 6.5.13

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1.  Go to Inbox -> View All

2. Click on Filter.

3. The error “Failed to submit form” is displayed

Resolution resolution

On an out-of-the-box AEM 6.5.13 instance filtering on inbox notifications works as expected.

It was found that the issue is  introduced by the package. Once this package is installed on the instance filtering on inbox notifications no longer works.

However, ACS is not a package supported by AdobeThis is a 3rd party provided by Consulting (yet Adobe, but still outside the engineering team) and any issue should be reported here: