Troubleshooting Report Builder scheduled report suspended issues

Description description

Report Builder scheduled report stopped delivering the report, how to troubleshoot this kind of issue?

Resolution resolution

  • If the issue only occurred one time, go to the to check if there was an accident that blocked the Analytics API 1.4 reporting.
  • If the issue occurs continuously, follow the steps below to check the local file.
  • Step1: Get the scheduled workbook from the user who scheduled the workbook.
  • Step2: Log in and run all of the requests in the workbook.
  • Step3: If the data is showing without any issues, schedule the workbook again.
  • Step4: If the data is not showing, update the request that has any errors.
  • Step5: Schedule the workbook again.

For the other troubleshooting and best practices for Report Builder, please refer to