Low-traffic on the page name

This article resolves the Adobe Analytics issue where low-traffic occurs on the pagename. This happens when the amount of low traffic is larger than expected and therefore, requires you to check the number of hits to each unique page.

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Adobe Analytics


When Low-traffic occurs in the dimension “Pagename”, if the amount of Low-traffic is larger than expected, it might necessary to count each unique page’s amount to show its own dimension item from Low-traffic. In short, confirming that the number of accesses is enough or not to show the page name on the workspace.

Resolution resolution

In this case, it is necessary to extract the page name information and the number of hits, but it is necessary to always extract based on the pre-value of pagename, not postpagename.

Therefore, it is difficult to check in Data Warehouse. So it becomes necessary to use Data Feeds, select the “pagename” item, and check the number of hits to each unique page.