Customer/CRM IDs in AAM Using Platform Web SDK

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  • Audience Manager
  • Experience Platform

How are Customer or CRM IDs passed to AAM when using the AEP Web SDK?

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Use the AEP Identity Namespace symbol from the Identities UI for the corresponding AAM Cross-Device Data source in the Identity Map of the Web SDK. Not sure how AEP Identity Namespaces and and AAM Cross-Device Data sources are related? See this article

Important Note:  AEP will treat any identities passed via the identity map in the AEP Web SDK (or otherwise) as stitchable identities, even if the identity namespaces in question are not tied to a profile-enabled XDM field. This can be problematic if the IDs that need to be passed to AAM are not individual/profile-level IDs. This can lead to multiple AEP profiles being merged/collapsed into one if the ID in question were a household ID, for example, instead of an individual ID.