AEM Cloud Screens Content Provider has limited channel templates

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Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

While creating a channel in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Screens Content Provider, there are only three templates:

  1. Sequence Channel
  2. Left L-bar Split Screen Channel
  3. Right L-bar Split Screen Channel

Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 (on-prem) Screens Content Provider, on other hand has:

  1. Application Channel
  2. 1x1 Split Screen Channel
  3. 2x2 Split Screen Channel

Can we have these channels on AEM Cloud as well?

Resolution resolution

The channel templates from Screens as a Cloud Service were mostly removed because they rarely applied as-is and required customers to usually change the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to make them work for their use case.
The L-Bar templates we have, should already provide the same capabilities but were built so that they are easier to modify.

You can essentially follow this documentation 1 and just add the desired templates to your repository.
Documentation 1