AP Segments Insights XLS showing 0 views for individual offers

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Adobe Target

Why the Segments Insight report XLS downloaded has the individual offers showing N/A and/or 0 views, but the Group users are showing data to my Automated Personalization Activity?

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The likely reason is that the activity created was for Offer Group Report.

To have entries counted for individual offers, the solution would be to create metric for click from display location/offer.

You can still use the metric you have with different mbox, but it will only count per activity/traffic type.

To add some extra details, these articles in the Adobe Target Guide can help you to interpret and create Offer Report or Offer Group Report for AP activities:

Refer to the articles above (especially Step 8 of Create an Automated Personalization activity) to ensure that the AP activities are recording Offers or Group Offers when creating a new activity.

At this point, the current AP activity report containing 0’s/zeroes is as expected.