WebAPP preview error Privilege escalation forbidden

This articles helps you explore how to fix the Adobe Campaign Classic error while previewing WebAPP, JST-310039 Privilege escalation forbidden for  Anonymous account.

Description description


  • Adobe Campaign Classic
  • Adobe Campaign Classic v7


While previewing a newly created WebAPP with debug mode enabled, the following error occurs:

Error : JST-310039 Privilege escalation forbidden for 'Anonymous account'. <ctx _console="1" lang="en" score="0"/>

Resolution resolution

Here are the steps to resolve the issue

  • The option XtkSecurity_Allow_PrivilegeEscalation should be equal to  One.
  • If it doesn’t exist, you will have to create it.
  • Choose  XtkSecurity_Allow_PrivilegeEscalation if  One  is selected, this option allows P rivilegeEscalation  in JavaScript.
  • If you create this option in your instance, the web app preview will function normally.