Unable to start workflow in Campaign Classic

Description description


  • Adobe Campaign Classic

  • Adobe Campaign Classic v7


The below workflow does not run even after changing the ‘created by’ field in the workflow properties.

Workflow internal name: prdWKFXXXX

If we try to run this workflow, the Campaign jobs(operationMgt) monitoring workflow throws an invalid login error.

Errors from workflow: (Campaign jobs(operationMgt))

BAS-010003 Unable to complete operation in current status.
WKF-560044 Error while sending notification with delivery template 'notify supervisor.' Please refer to the delivery log ID 00000 for more information (object associated with the workflow task).
DLV-490118 Error during preparation. Please refer to the delivery action journal '27626534' for more information.
SCR-160012 JavaScript: Error while evaluating script 'operationMgt/scheduler'.
XSV-350012 Invalid login or password. Connection denied.

Started targeting workflow ‘prdWKF0000’ for campaign ‘Campaign name (internal name of the workflow)’

While starting this workflow: prdWKF00000, the workflow Campaign jobs(operationMgt) started failing. Upon looking for more information on what could have caused this, followed by a review of the workflow XML, the issue was identified.

<process forecasted="0" login="xxxxx@xxxx.com" priority="0"

           processState="20" startState="0"/>

The operator mentioned above was disabled, which led to the failure of the Campaign jobs workflow.

Resolution resolution

Replace the login with an active operator and save the changes to the workflow and re-execute the workflow. This should fix the problem.

<process forecasted="0" login="ranjan" priority="0"
           processState="20" startState="0"/>