Is there a limit on the .csv file size (in manual upload or the file collector approach)?

If you want to upload huge files using manual upload or the file collector approach in Adobe Campaign Classic, follow this article to know more about the limit of .csv file while uploading files.

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  • Campaign Classic
  • Campaign Classic v7


Is there any limit on the .csv file size (for example 10 MB) for either manual upload or the file collector approach?

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Uploading huge files on the server using file upload functionality is not recommended. The best practice is to place the file on SFTP and then use file collector.

If the file is enormous, it will take some time to process. The only possible way to reduce time is to create multiple workflows and break the file into smaller chunks. Use each workflow to process one piece. This method will provide with some parallelism, but eventually, data will be inserted inside the same table/database. The concurrent workflows lead to performance improvement.

There is no file size restriction when using the SFTP way of uploading data (via file collector).