Error while deleting WebApp: Duplicate key value violates unique constraint “xtkdictionarystring_name”

Description description


  • Adobe Campaign Classic

  • Adobe Campaign Classic v7


Occasionally, you may be unable to delete a WebApp and may encounter the following error:

PGS-220000 PostgreSQL error: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "xtkdictionarystring_name."
DETAIL: Key (iobjectid, ssourceid, slocale) = (0, del_5818632_closedFormLog, en) already exists.

Resolution resolution

If you encounter this error in ACC, the resolution would be to delete the WebApp via Workflow (as shown below).

  • Create a new workflow and drop a query and update activity on the canvas.

  • Query the primary key of the WebApp and update the operation type as delete in update data activity. Please note that once the app is deleted, it cannot be retrieved unless a database restore is done.