How can you export quarantines per country?

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How can you export quarantines per country?

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  • Quarantines are in table NmsAddressStatus

    • They are linked to the last delivery but not to any profile.
    • They contain the “normalized” recipient address (e.g., lower case for email / + prefix for mobile phone).
  • There are 2 options to link them to profiles

  1. Join to profile via the address field on the AddressStatus and Email/mobilePhone on the profile.

    • This would not return those records where the address is not normalized on the profile level.
  2. Join to profile via looking up all delivery logs (they also contain normalized recipient address).

    • This would only return data for the last 6 months and nothing for older hard bounces.
    • This would return profiles where the recipient address has been changed/corrected already.