“SCM-120008 Cannot find key values” in workflow

This article resolves the issue where a workflow remains corrupted in Campaign Standard preventing any modification. To resolve the errors, you need to recreate the entire workflow again.

Description description


Campaign Standard


The workflow is corrupted and throws an errors when you try to conduct any operation on the workflow, whether executing it or changing its label.

This prevents any use or modification of the workflow in question.

The error is shown below:

RST-360011 An error has occurred. Please get in touch with the administrator.

SCM-120008 Can not find key values ​​for [ element_name] element (‘original’ schema document, '[ wkf_id] ' name, and '[ wkf_label] ' description)

Resolution resolution

The workflow needs to be recreated entirely, either from scratch or by copy-pasting the full content of the workflow in a new one.

Note - Duplicating doesn’t fix the issue.