AEM Email Templates not getting synced with Adobe Campaign.

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  • Adobe Experience Manager


When a user tries to copy and paste the site’s template on which the Campaign approval workflow is already executed, the cq:acLinks and cq:acUUID properties for Adobe Campaign are not removed.

Due to this, the Adobe campaign is not able to sync the Email template from AEM and gives up an error: Duplicate acUUID found as cq:acLinks and cq:acUUID properties are unique properties.

Steps to Reproduce:

1: Create a Site’s Email Template in AEM.
2: Run Campaign Approval workflow.
3: Approve the template by completing the workflow steps.
4: Navigate to crx/de.
5: The copy/pasted template will contain cq:acLinks and cq:acUUID properties.

Errors in the Logs:

No related errors can be found in the error logs.

Properties of Template in crx/de after Copy-paste operation:

Experienced Behavior:

Expected Behavior:

Resolution resolution

The campaign-property-modification-service is a service user which is used for modifying properties of campaign newsletter on copy and paste function.
This usercampaign-property-modification-service should have read and modify permissions on the content folder.

If it doesn’t have read and modify permissions on the content folder, it can’t clean up the cq:acLinks and cq:acUUID properties of the copy-pasted site template.

After providing the user necessary permissions, the properties get cleaned up.

Screenshot of User Permissions: