The page to be deleted is hidden but remains in the repository

Learn how AEM handles deleted pages, from hidden nodes in the repository to the intricate steps of the “Request for Deletion” workflow.

Description description

AEM as a Cloud Service, AEM 6.5


In some cases, you find a page that is not shown in Sites console (http://localhost:4502/sites.html) but the page node resides in the repository with CRXDE Lite. In addition, the node has “deleted” property and “deleted by” property. This article explains the cause and the resolution of this situation.

Resolution resolution

Look for the notification of the “Request for Deletion” workflow inside the administrator’s inbox and complete the workflow steps of “Deactivates the page” and “Request for Deletion.”

When a user without replication privilege deletes a page, the page first disappears from Sites console, then the “Request for Deletion” workflow begins. The page remains in the repository until the completion of the workflow as follows:

  1. A user without replication privilege deletes a page.
  2. The page disappears from Sites console (it sets “deleted” property and “deleted by” property to the page node).
  3. The “Request for Deletion” workflow begins.
  4. The users in the administrators group receive the notification of the workflow.
  5. One of the users of the administrators group completes the workflow steps.
  6. Completing the last workflow step deletes the page node.