Configure inbound mobile data source

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  • Adobe Audience Manager


Are you attempting to onboard mobile advertiser IDs and need to verify your data source configuration? This article can help.

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All you need is access to your Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) instance.

  1. Login to AAM and navigate to the Data Source tab under the Audience Data drop-down.

  2. Click ‘Add new’ next to the search bar.

  3. Create an accurate name & description.

  4. Select ‘Device Advertising ID’ in the ID type drop down.

  5. Select any applicable data export controls.

  6. Under data source settings, select ‘Inbound’ and then ‘Customer ID’.

  7. Select any other applicable outbound or share settings & save the data source.

Take note of your Data source ID. If you want to onboard against this ID type, you’ll need to utilize the Data Source ID in the file name to specify the data owner, as mentioned in our inbound file documentation.