Adobe Experience Manager Assets: Unable to delete Lightbox collection

Each user has an exclusive Lightbox automatically created when they log in to Adobe Experience Manager Assets Brand Portal for the first time. The Lightbox collection cannot be deleted.

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Adobe Experience Manager Assets


Unable to delete the Lightbox collection; the delete feature doesn’t appear. All other collections can be deleted except this one.

Resolution resolution

Lightbox is a special type of collection that provides easy access to assets and is assigned per user. It is the add to favorite feature for the DAM (Digital Asset Management). Every user has an exclusive Lightbox that is automatically created when the user logs in to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets Brand Portal and serves as the user’s personal image gallery. Although Lightbox resembles a collection, one can’t perform all the actions one normally performs on collections. For example, you can’t delete, share or view settings for a Lightbox. In addition, you can’t add it to other collections. However, you can edit the assets inside a lightbox.

Find more details about managing the lightbox collection in the AEM Brand Portal Guide.