Delivery Outbound Transition is 0 even though deliveries are sent and received.

Description description


  • Campaign Classic
  • Campaign Classic v7


When sending a delivery with an outbound transition in a workflow, the delivery is set to either “Prepare” or “Prepare and Start”. Once the workflow runs, the outbound transition of the delivery shows 0 on the UI. The delivery is still sent as expected everything else is working but the UI just doesn’t display the correct number of recipients in the outbound transition. This is occurring for all workflows regardless of how the workflow is created.

Resolution resolution

Please reach out to your Database Admin and have them insert a new record into the NmsBroadLogMsg table where the values are equal to 0.


The NmsBroadLogMsg table is missing the record where iBroadLogMsgId = 0 which is needed for the SQL query to populate the temp table used by the outbound transition.