Campaign Classic: Adobe Campaign Operator roles/uses

A detailed description of Adobe Campaign operators, it’s roles along with more additional details.

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  • Campaign Classic
  • Campaign Classic v7

The article explains the purpose of some out of the box Adobe Campaign Operators.

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The information given below is a description of Adobe Campaign operators, their roles, and some additional details.

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Web applications agent
Use to authenticate to ACC behind the scene for Anonymous Access type of landing pages (using logonEscalation function)
Internal agent
Internal usage DO NOT MODIFY
Interaction account
Use for authenticate behind the scene for Inbound Interaction module  (using logonEscalation function)
Mobile application
To send push notifications and In-App messages with Experience Platform SDK application, a mobile application has to be set up in Adobe Experience Platform Experience Platform Experience Platform Launch and configured in Adobe Campaign.
Once a mobile application is set up, a user can retrieve the PII data it collected to create or update profiles from your database. For more on this, refer to this section: Creating and updating profile information based on mobile application data.
AEM server
aemserver operator that will be used to connect the AEM server to Adobe Campaign.
Use by the CRM Connector (SFDC, MS Dynamics)
This enables a user to manage all Adobe Campaign functions via SOAP calls, which are the native entry point of the Adobe Campaign application server. The Adobe Campaign console itself only uses SOAP calls.
Reserved for API calls (SOAP, JSSP) and use to authenticate to ACC behind the scene for Anonymous Access type of landing pages (using logonEscalation function)
This operator is used to receive the system activity report from the billing workflow which is triggered the 25th of every month on the Marketing instance.
This operator is used for monitoring of the instance. DO NOT MODIFY.

For the monitoring operator to work, the machine that the netreport is executed on must be in a security zone that is in sessionTokenOnly mode. If no trusted IP mask has been specified for this operator, the security zone must also be in allowEmptyPassword and allowUserPassword mode.