Adobe Campaign Standard: Cannot delete custom resource

Description description

Campaign Standard

It has been reported that in rare instances where merchants who created custom resources using the deprecated Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC) to ACS prime connector cannot delete custom resources after being migrated entirely to ACS.

Resolution resolution

To allow the schema to be re-drafted and deleted, it needs to be updated by Adobe Tech-Ops.

The command to execute is as follows:

instanceName= update xtkcusresource set icusresourcesetid=0 where sname='schema' and iissnapshot=0; UPDATE 1

This updates the origin of the schema from ACS Connect to ACS and will allow it to be re-drafted and dropped.

Merchants are unable to delete custom resources after being migrated to ACS because the control over the custom resources was supposed to be done from the ACC side, so the resource cannot be re-drafted in ACS.