Target activities don’t show up in Analytics workspace

Learn how to fix the Analytics report suite used in the Target activity.

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  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Analytics
  • Target


The content of Target activity is delivered on the page, but its data does not display on Analytics report.

Resolution resolution

  1. Confirm that the Analytics report suite used in the Target activity is used in the test page as well.

    • Check the Report Suite in Activity’s reporting settings.
    • Check the report suite of test page via browser network by "/b/ss/" filter.
    • If the report suite of Target report settings is different from that used in the test page, then change it. If not, then move on to next step below.
  2. Confirm the data stitching between Target and Analytics.

    • In the test page, open browser network tab.
    • Check the mboxMCSDID parameter of Target request via filter ""
    • Check the sdid parameter of Analytics request via filter "/b/ss/"
    • If the value of mboxMCSDID is different from the value of sdid, then check the order of execution of Target and Analytics call. Target call should always be executed before Analytics.