Primetime - Adobe Access streaming in Chrome unsandbox gives “Access denied” error in Flash

Learn about the steps that you need to follow in case of an Access Denied error in Flash.

Description description


  • Adobe Primetime
  • Adobe Access stream in Google Chrome browser
  • Chrome sandbox mode

Issue Symptoms

  • DRM Error: 3321: [ i15nFailed]
  • DRM Error: 3368: [ UserSettingsNoAccess]

Steps to reproduce

  • Chrome pops up security banner for Flash access.
  • User clicks “Deny” on security banner.

Resolution resolution

Steps to resolve

  1. Go to Google Chrome - Options menu at the top right of the screen.

    Click the options menu

  2. Click Settings.

    Click Settings

  3. In the Settings panel, explore advanced settings and choose PrivacyContent settings.

    Settings panel

  4. Make sure that Allow is selected for Behavior. Click OK.

    Click OK

  5. Refresh the browser.


Before playing protected content, Flash performs some operations that cannot be performed from within Chrome’s Sandbox. Trying to perform operations outside the sandbox triggers Chrome to present the info bar. It’s necessary to click Allow to proceed.

If you denied the security question, then it could be necessary to refresh the browser or allow access using the following steps in Chrome.

Click Allow