Does Target Recommendations API supports multi-value fields?

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Does Target Recommendations API supports multi-value fields like mbox or Launch meta tags do? For example, with an mbox, you can do:{
"mbox": "DemoMBoxCanBeDeleted",
  '':         '123',
  'entity.MultiValueAttribute': '`[` "X", "Y", "Z"`]` '
 "success": function(offer) {
  console.log("Result: "+JSON.stringify(offer));
 "error": function(status, error) {
  console.log('Error', status, error);

That will be stored in Target’s catalog as an array to be used in an activity. However, passing in a string of [ “X”, “Y”, “Z”] through the back end of the API stores a string, not array and passing in a JSON array results in a 400 error. Is there syntax or documentation that should be followed on this?

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This should work. Its been tested using the GET entity to see another entity that had been passed a multi-value attribute. Then used the same format in a POST (save) entity call. It has worked fine in the past.

It should be passed as a stringifiedJSON array by escaping the double quotes inside the array. Here’s the syntax used for above test:

            "attributes": {
                "message": "test tool yo",
                "multiVal1": "`[` \"X\",\"Y\",\"Z\"`]` "
            "categories": `[`
            `]` ,
            "environment": "183214",
            "id": "prod12",
            "name": "multi-val-via-RecsEntityAPI"