How to match mbox3rdPartyId with Customer Attribute (Customer Id) in Profile Script?

Description description

Is it possible to match mbox3rdPartyId(customer_id) with Customer Attribute (Customer Id) from Profile Script? The intention is to split the traffic between two different criteria based on age. Criteria A (20-40) Criteria B (41-60). Age is sent via Customer Attribute.

Resolution resolution

Customer attributes can be referenced in profile scripts using format crs.get(‘Datasource Name.Attribute name’). So, there is no need to match the mbox3rdPartyId(customer_id) rather just use the direct attribute and build conditions based on the same.

Create profile script using CRS datasource and attribute. Please use that in audience library to create the audience:

Group A Audience:

"Visitor Profile user.profilescriptname Group A "

Group B Audience:

"Visitor Profile user.profilescriptname Group B "

Now you can use these audiences in the activities to target.