Errors related to Legacy Trigger Implementation

Description description

By end of 18th August 2021 the Analytics team will activate the new way of authentication.

While the hosted customer is not impacted (required upgrade has been performed) it is possible that some hybrid or on-premise customer could be impacted (communication have been sent earlier).

When the deprecation takes place, such customers will start seeing the following error in their pipelined.log.
Error while authenticating: ‘{“error”:“This client: APP_ID is no longer allowed to get access token.”}’ (iRc=16384)

APP_ID will have the value of the appName(Legacy)

Resolution resolution

In case of customers (on-premise or hybrid) reporting issue to connect to Analytics/Triggers after August 18:

  • This mean the customer is running on an old version of Campaign and/or has not performed the required upgrade step as defined in  1

  • Until Nov 2021 there’s a workaround available to unblock the customer by whitelisting the AppID of its OAuth application

  • How to request the whitelisting?

    • Get the customer AppID (appName(Legacy)), details are available on the dedicated documentation page 1. You can get the APP_ID from Error message as well.
    • Submit the request for whitelisting by sharing the app name on the dedicated slack channel #analytics_1_3_api_eol_discussion (on
  • The whitelisting will remain active though Nov 2021, time for customer to perform the connector upgrade steps