Why CDA Virtual Report Suite has Less Occurrences Than the Parent Report Suite?

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  • Analytics

Number of times customer report that CDA Virtual Report Suite has less occurrences than full report suite. It seems that some hits are lost in the CDA Virtual Report Suite.

Resolution resolution

This is an expected behavior. Due to how the system works, some events might be dropped, not only by CDA but also by the dependent systems of which none offer 100% accuracy SLA. This may result in the difference of data between the CDA and parent report suite.

There are several dependencies on other systems. To go a bit technical here, our events are landing in CDA, which can’t guarantee that hits are coming in original order and because of this some out of order data-loss can happen. There can be other causes too, the important aspect is that CDA is processing billion of events a day for many customers in all regions, as you know, so 100% data alignment accuracy is hard to achieve.

The benefits of doing cross device interactions (and leveraging up to 7 days of historical data) are worth the overall 0,01% data mismatch (our typical SLA is 99% data alignment, and we will also add this to the docs).

If nevertheless customer feels that the current very low rate of data mismatch has an important business impact, contact engineering team with all the details so they can provide further explanation.