BAS-010015 Cannot open file error causing “DeliveryParts” failure

Description description


  • Campaign Classic


It has been reported that on rare occasions a “DeliveryParts” failure occurs. Upon review of the logs we see an error like the example below where Campaign does not have write access to a temp folder.

03/11/2021 6:35:29 AM Postponing DeliveryParts for broken delivery 351981208
03/11/2021 6:35:29 AM BAS-010015 Cannot open file ‘/tmp/tmp8215-0000.tmp’ with write access (errno=13, Permission denied)

Resolution resolution

The folder permissions of the temp folder in question need to be changed to correct the issue. If hosted by Adobe, then Campaign Ops should be engaged to make this change. This will resolve the error.

At this time the root cause is unknown and an enhancement for additional logging has been created to isolate how these permissions are changing in the future.