Campaign Classic - Missing Zero ID Record

This article discusses the Campaign Classic issue where the zero ID record is missing from a schema and you want to restore it.

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  • Campaign Classic
  • Campaign


Prior to a build upgrade, when running an upgrade Pre-Check in a Campaign instance, we are seeing a warning:

-------  0 id record is missing from the following schemas

+++++++++++  Contact Consultant : Fix and regenerate specified schemas.

_____ | schema

      | nms:recipient

      | cus:xxxxx

      | cus:xxxxx

      | cus:xxxxx

      | cus:xxxxx


  1. Public understanding is that the zero ID record is auto-generated and required when schemas are linked. How would someone intentionally or inadvertently delete this record?
  2. Once the zero ID record has been deleted, what is the recommended approach to restoring it? A direct SQL command?

Resolution resolution

Answer 1:

Someone fired a SQL directly to delete all records from the table (instead of using the Update data activity)

Answer 2:

Find out all integer columns in the schema and create an INSERT query with 0 populated for all those columns. This should recreate the 0 record. You will have to create a SQL script in the script section of Explorer in Campaign or use a SQL code activity in a workflow to be able to do this.