How to confirm if an MVPD is enabled for Apple SSO

This article tells you about the steps you need to follow to confirm whether an MVPD is enabled for Apple SSO or not.

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How to confirm if an MVPD is enabled for Apple SSO?

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  1. Navigate to this URL (for Production) -< requester-ID> ?deviceType=iOS
  2. Replace requester-ID tag with the Channel\ Programmer’s requester ID.
  3. To check for different Programmers, simply change the requester ID with next one.
  4. Check for the tag boardingStatus of the MVPD. If you see it as  SUPPORTED,  i.e.,  < boardingStatus> SUPPORTED< /boardingStatus>  for listed MVPDs - these are the ones supporting AppleSSO completely.
  5. If you see the status as ‘PICKER’ it means, it’s just going to be displayed in the Apple Picker but actually will go through Adobe.< requester-ID> can be used to locate the MVPDs integrated with a Channel/Programmer.

Additional information on Apple SSO enabled MVPDs:

When configuration is retrieved from Adobe endpoint, the following additional fields can be seen present for those MVPDs which are part of the Apple SSO:

< enablePlatformServices> true< /enablePlatformServices>
< displayInPlatformPicker> true< /displayInPlatformPicker>
< boardingStatus> SUPPORTED< /boardingStatus>
< enforcePlatformPermissions> true< /enforcePlatformPermissions>
< platformMappingId visible=“true”>< /platformMappingId>
< requiredMetadataFields>
< attribute> uid< /attribute>
< attribute> uniqueId< /attribute>
< /requiredMetadataFields>

​From these parameters, the boardingStatus​ informs the user about the Apple SSO status for a Programmer:

  • SUPPORTED ​ means that you can actually login in device TV Provider settings window hence these are completely supported by Apple and will use Apple’s SSO token.
  • PICKER ​ means the MVPD can appear in picker window, but the actual authentication needs to be done through normal flows (in browser or 2nd screen device), i.e., authentication flow is done via Adobe.
  • UNSUPPORTED ​ means the MVPD is not part of the Apple SSO system and also will not appear in system settings.