Non-Apple Single Sign-On TV Provider Authentication Flow

Explore the steps required to be followed when handling the authentication flow, when a non-Apple Single Sign-On (SSO) supported Pay-TV provider is selected from the MVPD Picker.

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How to handle the authentication flow when a non-Apple Single Sign-On (SSO) supported Pay-TV provider (Multichannel Video Programming Distributor - MVPD) is selected from the MVPD Picker?

Resolution resolution

After the user selects an unsupported TV Provider, programmer’s app receives the following callbacks:

  • dismissTvProviderDialog  - At this point, programmer should hide Apple’s  viewController  (it contains the picker).

  • sendTrackingData  - This is just an MVPD selection event.

  • status  - This contains a dictionary that looks like:

    table 0-row-1
    2018-02-23 13:29:14.228410+0200 APIExplorer-tvos[ 252:11681] {

        errorId = REGCODE;

        expires = 1519387154016;

        level = success;

        message = 6ANC6PH; //SAMPLE_7_DIGIT_CODE}
  • At this point, the programmer should present the user with the message contained in this dictionary. In this case, it can be similar to:  Please go to < network-site> /activate and enter the following code: 6ANC6PH.

  • During this time, the Software Development Kit (SDK) polls Adobe servers for the status of the above-mentioned registration code. Once the user uses that registration code to authenticate, the SDK gets a 200 status code from Adobe servers and the next callback is fired.

  • setAuthenticationStatus  - If the status is 1, the authentication was successful.

  • sendTrackingData  - This is just an authentication detection event.

Additional information

More on: iOS/tvOS SDK Cookbook.