How to implement target-global-mbox (at.js 2.x) for SPA inside of iFrame

Learn how to implement global and regional mboxes for Mobile Web SPA using FEC option (form-based exp composer).

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Adobe Target


The newly developed mobileweb (MW) experience is an Angular-based SPA that will be hosted inside of iFrame on many of your sites. The plan is to implement at.js 2.x using Tealium (TMS).

Since Target VEC (visual-based exp composer) doesn’t support iframe, Adobe is exploring the FEC option (form-based exp composer). Below are some FEC topics that research is being done on:

  1. Does one still need to create multiple regional mbox using get/applyoffer function, or can you just utilize one global mbox?
  2. If the latter, is there any resource that shows how to do so?
  3. Can one implement both global and regional mbox for our MW SPA?

Resolution resolution

  1. Regional mboxes can be created using getOffer/applyOffer individually as well as in batch using getOffers/applyOffers. Additionally, you can use the FEC using the Target Global Mbox as well, if preferred.
  2. If you wish to use AT.js to execute the content, the offer code must be delivered as HTML/JavaScript. Other offer code types (JSON, etc.) can be used if the app accepts it and renders the experience.
  3. Both global and regional mboxes can be used in SPA. Both types of mboxes can be made compatible with a SPA with the right design and architecture.