Inserting an i-frame as an offer in the Target experience

Learn how to insert an i-frame as an offer in the Target experience using Visual Experience Composer.

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Is it possible to set up an A/B test based on an Adobe audience segment that controls an i-frame?

Example:  Variant A contains one i-frame content. Variant B contains another i-frame content.

How to set this up? Is this a form-based or visual-based experiment or something else?

Resolution resolution

  1. To insert a new i-frame into the experiences, create an activity using Visual Experience Composer and insert i-frame content.
  2. To change the content inside an i-frame, ensure that the i-frame is under the same domain. Then in the custom code section, you need to insert code to change the content.

Note:  Changing content in the third-party domain is not possible.