File Fails to upload if email entries contain “double”

This article addresses an issue where Adobe Campaign Standard fails to upload .csvfiles due to a bug in CentOS 7, which restricts file access. The workaround involves removing entries with double quotes or adding a blank column to the front of the file, allowing successful uploading.

Description description


Adobe Campaign Standard


The file fails to upload when loading a .csv using the File Load activity.

Resolution resolution

Currently, the resolution requires a fix from CentOS. A workaround is to remove the entries with double in them or add a blank column to the front of the .csv file.

It is because within the .csv, the first column was the email column and some emails contained double within the address. It was found that there is a bug in CentOS 7 where if a line starts with double, etern, char, etc., the OS thinks that a reserved keyword is attempting to be used within the file and causes a failure to upload as the access is restricted.