Content Starts are greater than Media Starts in some scenarios

In Adobe Analytics, Content Starts in some scenarios can be greater than Media Starts. This can happen due to missing context data on Media Starts calls from the player, report suites being set to non-timestamp data, or tracking calls being discarded by the browser. This article offers a corresponding fix for each of these situations.

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Why are Content Starts greater than Media Starts in some scenarios?

Resolution resolution

This behavior can be caused by one of the following situations:

  • There is no context data on a Media Starts call sent from the player.

    To fix this, the s.trackVars should contain all media context data parameters, or just remove s.trackVars (for SDK versions lower than 3.0).

  • Mobile SDK or App Measurement is sending hits with timestamp value-added, while the report suite is set to non-timestamp data.

    To fix this, enable the report suite for timestamp optional hits.

  • The player runs in a browser that discards tracking calls to our generic endpoints *

    To fix this, use first-party domains like