What is a BAVID in Analytics and how are BAVIDs calculated?

Description description

Adobe Analytics

A BAVID stands for ‘Bad Visitor ID’.

The UI (every reporting product (except Data Warehouse and Data Feeds) is susceptible to BAVIDs.
Starting in early to mid-2020, BAVIDs are being identified and removed from the Adobe Analytics UI.

Resolution resolution

BAVID removal is done using the following logic:

  • If more than 1% of a report suite’s traffic is from the same visitor ID (visid).

  • In some cases, if a suite is large, a bad visid can cause problems even though it does not reach the threshold of 1%.

    In such cases, the threshold may be adjusted down to 0.5% to removal of bad visids.

  • The percentage is best on a monthly basis–as Analytics data is stored in monthly grain files.

Common reason for a BAVID: populating Visitor IDs with a default visitor ID. Sometimes high bot traffic can also cause BAVIDs.
Comparing DW or a Data Feed to the UI is a good way to review situations involving BAVIDs.