Increase number of campaign processes can run on parallel instance

This article entails solution to the issue where there is an increase in the number of campaign processes that can run on parallel instance.

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Adobe Campaign Classic
Adobe Campaign

Getting “Start as soon as possible” in campaigns due to the increasing number of campaigns to be launched.
What are best practices on increasing the NmsOperation_LimitConcurrency options to meet our business needs?
What are best practices on increasing this option limit that could help in resolving this error that usually occurred during campaign execution?

Resolution resolution

In Campaign Standard this setting is “hidden” in serverConf.xml now, capped at 20 by default.

In Campaign Classic the option NmsOperation_LimitConcurrency is available and a value can be set.
This option applies to workflows created within campaigns ONLY.
However, setting a value that is too big is almost always catastrophic since customers usually are not aware of the hardware on the backend and whether their jobs will overload the DB.

A better idea is to use the workflow heatMap, in order to get some idea of how long jobs take to run, and avoid scheduling them all at the top of the hour (For example: 8:00AM), as is often the case.

With better management and knowledge of workflow runtimes, through gaps, and testing:

  • Using HeatMap, customers can spread jobs out at 15-minute intervals in the hour or scatter them in different hours.
  • Utilize their hardware much better than just setting NmsOperation_LimitConcurrency > > 10 and “hoping for the best.” This strategy simply won’t work long term.

For on-premises customers who want to query this setting without going into the console, this is the SQL (this assumes the latest build):

select sname, ilongvalue from xtkoption where sname like 'NmsOperation_LimitConcurrency%';