Disabled message center email but mails still getting triggered

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Adobe Campaign Classic
Adobe Campaign

To meet business requirements, Adobe Campaign can disable/switch-off a few of our message center mails and SMS.

To achieve the following, a dummy eventType was created and selected in the email properties, published it, tested and still received the mail from the original eventType.
Then we changed the existing eventTypes of the emails and SMS to xxxxx_old and went back to email properties, selected the xxxxx_old   eventType, and published, yet we received the mail from the original eventType while testing.

Can you disable message center emails?
Or also, how much time does it take for the eventType to be associated with the email after publishing the template?
Once the template is published, is there any way to disable it in Adobe Campaign Classic?

Resolution resolution

Customers whose Message Center instances are hosted by Adobe should contact Adobe Campaign Support to perform the steps below:

  1. Stop the rtEventprocessing workflow.

  2. Go to the respective folder on RT instance, which may be similar to, Administration then go to Production then go to Message Center then go to Deliveries then go to 2020 then go to 10.

    Check for the continuous delivery which is still being used for that event.

    The child delivery is still using the old event type.

  3. Most customers have a setting to have one child delivery per month.

    If yours is per day/week, then perform the next step for child delivery of the current week/day.

  4. Stop the delivery. You can perform a mass update to change the status to either  Stopped/Failed.

  5. Start the rtEventProcessing workflow.