Campaign Classic V7: problems with disabled push subscribers

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Disabled push subscribers in ACC with 2 issues:

  • 23 rows only on NmsAppSubscriptionRcp on IOS platform has iDisabled  = 1.

    All the rows correspond to NmsAddress rows with mQuarantineText  = Error=InvalidRegistration.

  • On every push sent, some rows on NmsAddress are added with the mQuarantineText  = APNS Server: #HOSTNAME# an error ‘Unregistered’, but the iDisabled is not set to 1 on NmsAppSubscriptionRcp.

Is this normal behavior? Do we have to create a custom workflow to disable that rows?

We are using HTTP/2 connector and, according to the Understand quarantine management documentation in Campaign Classic v7 Documentation in Adobe Experience League, there is no reference to “Disabled” there.

Resolution resolution

For iOS subscribers, this disabled flag was set by the NMAC optout management  technical workflow for the old HTTP connector of iOS.

With http/2 connector the feedback is synchronous, and hence the device token is fed to quarantine nms:address table.

If you wish to update this flag, you will have to create a custom workflow to read these quarantine records, reconcile them with nms:appSubscriptionRcp, and then set the flag.

In recent ACC builds (from ACC-20.1.1), the flag is also set automatically for the http/2 connector.