Message center publishing permissions issues in build 9182

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You get an error for non-admin users, specifically a 403 error when publishing/unpublishing templates:

INT-15000122 The HTTP query returned a 'Forbidden' type error (403).

The issue is identified with users under the security group with labels SuperUser and name configurator.

Currently, admin users do not have this issue.

Is there a workaround for non-admin users to publish templates when they do not have admin rights?

Resolution resolution


When you hit publish, the template is broken into a _rt and _batch version and first created inside the Administration folder of Control instance.

After that, the publish happens.

You might be observing 403 for the first phase, which means the security group needs to be provided read/write access to that folder under administration (which will not be there by default).

If that is not the issue, then 403 is potentially coming from the API call to RT instance.

Further investigation is needed as the RT connection is over https, and it will be difficult to do a human readable tcpdump.