Campaign - ACS Shared Audiences - using VisitorID for push notifications

Description description


  • Using push notifications, not emails
  • Exporting audiences from People Core Service with VisitorID
  • No Audience Manager integration so no DeclaredID


  • The documentation states that VisitorID is linked to the profile when the user clicks on an email sent via Adobe Campaign but does not mention Push Notifications.
  • Need to reconcile a customer with VisitorID using push notifications rather than emails
  • Need to know whether ACS VisitorID Shared Audience reconciles against push notification ECID

Resolution resolution

Steps to Resolve/Workaround

  • It is not possible to reconcile ECID from app subscriptions rather than email
  • Use the ECID as a declared ID.
  • Store the ID in your profile and create an AMC connection to use for this field for reconciliation