How to fetch long running workflow in ACS using workflowTask table

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Fetching Workflow Task duration details

Usually, clients set alerts for failed workflows, but they often miss out on those workflows that have been running for a very long time due to the stuck-up activities or activities processing for days on ACS instances. This results in a degraded performance and high database consumption.

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Workflow Task table contains information related to workflow activities and their run durations. Monitoring the duration of activities can help improve the performance and maintain a healthy database.

Workflow Task details can be fetched from xtk:workflowTask table.

How to ensure awareness of long-running workflow activities

This can be achieved using a simple workflow. Follow the steps below to create a workflow to monitor the long-running workflow activities:

  1. Create a new workflow

  2. Select a query activity

  3. Select the Resource and Targeting dimension as: WorkflowTaskDetail (xtk:workflow task:workflowTaskDetail)

  4. Now, in the Target section, use the below queries:

Duration is more significant than 3600


Activity name does not start with a schedule


Activity name does not begin with signal

Above workflow creation would help you fetch those activities running for more than 1 hour.

Setting an alert to this query condition can help the clients monitor the running workflow activities for a long duration.

NOTE: In the duration condition, please ensure you set the time duration in seconds and not in minutes or hours.