Campaign Classic: Convert DateTime to UTC

Learn how to convert DateTime to UTC in Campaign Classic by connecting CRM to ACC.

Description description

It has been reported that problems were faced when trying to add a datetime in CRM database as the servers are on different time zones.

UTC date was attempted but could not be added.

The Adobe Campaign documentation was reviewed for a function such as “LocalToUTC” but this function isn’t available.

Resolution resolution

The solution for this is to follow the instructions below:

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The above specifies the way to connect the CRM to ACC.There are 4 ways to transfer the column from CRM to ACC :1. Default2. Date only : this mode deletes Date + Time type fields.3.Without time offse t : this mode cancels the time zone management applied in the default mode.4.Copy/Paste : this mode uses raw data such as strings (no conversion). All the above are given in detail. The copy/paste command can be used while transferring the mentioned column and the add/subtract the time difference according to the time zone in CRM and. UTCIn the CRM table calculate the difference between the time zone entries in CRM and the UTC . Then after using the copy /paste command in ACC time can be added/subtracted according to UTC.