ACS - Dynamic Report matrix for the delivery

Learn about the Campaign Standard issues where a report for a specific delivery in Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS) is saved.

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  • When a report for a specific delivery in ACS is saved, it pulls metric details for all the campaigns sent from the ACS instance and not the one which was being displayed initially. Is this a bug? If yes, is it already raised with the ACS product team?

Is there a way to do the following in reports:

  • Pull specific delivery names under the Delivery Statics table?
  • Pull metric based on the number of deliveries used in a workflow by selecting the workflow name itself?
  • Option to edit/modify/choose deliveries under the Delivery Statics table?

Resolution resolution

  • Creating a custom report saves the look and feel of the workspace, like the dimensions being used or metrics being displayed. It won’t save the filters. This way, one report can be reused for multiple deliveries/filters. So, this is expected behavior.

Second point:

  • Yes, you can drag and drop any delivery in the Delivery statistics table to see the numbers for it.
  • Workflow information is not there in the reporting system, so this is not possible.
  • You can drag and drop any delivery/other dimensions.