Reverting a page to an old version changes the order of sibling pages

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Experience Manager

When a user reverts a page to an old version from the site’s timeline, the order of sibling pages changes unintentionally. This issue happens only with the members of a particular group. Not with the admin.

Resolution resolution

Grant read permission to all sibling pages. To avoid user to see the page contents which are irrelevant, add Deny of jcr;all rep:glob=*/jcr:content/* on each
sibling page node (the node of sling:resourceType = cq:Page). The user can recognize the existence of the sibling pages (and the child pages of the sibling pages) but cannot see the contents of those.
The user/group has insufficient read permission to the sibling pages. The version keeps and tries to restore the order of sibling pages that the user can recognize. If the order is A - B - C and a user has read permission only on B and C, then when the user saves a version of C, it reverts to the saved version. AEM will restore the order of B - C first and does not care about the order for A. As a consequence, the sibling order may become B - C - A.