Copying Experience Fragment from One Sub-folder to Another

This page provides an explanation on how to copy experience fragment from one sub-folder to another.

Description description

Adobe Experience Manager

There is a folder (For example: myfolder) under the path of /content/experience-fragments, and from the Experience Fragment properties console, custom Experience Fragment template have been added under the Allowed Template property.
Now when trying to copy/move an experience fragment from one sub-folder test-1 to another sub-folder test-2, an error will be shown in the GUI console and the paste/move operation fails with a similar error:

/content/experience-fragments/_1/_1_1/test-xf (Experience Fragment Template) not allowed below /content/experience-fragments/_1/test-xf

Resolution resolution

In order to enable to copy/move operation on the sub-folders one more path needs to be added under the cq:allowedTemplates property of the parent folder /libs/cq/experience-fragments/components/experiencefragment/template.
This is because the copy/move operation is tightly coupled with default experience fragment components at path /libs/cq/experience-fragments/components/experiencefragment/template.