Category Affinity is not working

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Adobe Target


After having already implemented Category Affinity (through Adobe Launch) on the website following the guidelines in the Category Affinity article (in the Adobe Target Documentation in Adobe Experience League), you see that the category information is correctly passed in the call to Adobe Target.

However, it appears that no category affinity is being calculated based on this input.

When you look into your profile using the debugging tool, the value of user.categoryAffinity remains empty, no matter how many pages with category you visit.

Resolution resolution

To solve this issue, start debugging implementation by looking at the visitor profile in debug mode:

  1. Create a profile script to show the category affinity. This may be always empty.
  2. Create an activity.
  3. Review your profile scripts and make a small modification to make it work:


return user.categoryAffinity || "onbestaand";


var affinity = user.categoryAffinity || "onbestaand";
return affinity;