Data latency in Analytics using Campaign Data Connectors

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Adobe Analytics

When using an integration between Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign, data in Analytics has a latency up to 20 hours.

Usually Campaign uploads data to Analytics after every 15 minutes.

Campaign uses Analytics Data Sources APIs to upload data to Analytics.

The integration creates a Data Source account automatically in the target report suite.

Campaign uploads data to Analytics servers every 15 minutes via its APIs.

However, Campaign uploads the data with date information only. The data does not include the timestamp.

Analytics Data Sources, in the absence of timestamps, process the data at 12:00 PM everyday.

For example, data is uploaded at 4:00 PM today. Since there is no timestamp in the data, Data Sources will not process the file until 12:00 PM next day. The next day at 12:00 PM the data is processed. Add 45 minutes of general latency, and the data should be available after 12:24 PM. So it took about 23 hours to show the data, which is expected.

Resolution resolution


There is a feature request raised with the Campaign Engineering team to add timestamp data in the data uploaded to Analytics, which should resolve the issue. Currently there no ETA for the addition of this feature.