AEM: OOTB bundle version is lower than expected

Description description


At OSGi console OSGi Bundles, there is a bundle whose version is lower than that is expected for the installed SP/CFP. This issue would not come as a solo issue. Usually, something critical happens (e.g. AEM login failing) and investigation reveals this as an intermediate cause.


Possibly, the bundle update failed at SP/CFP installation. One of the possible cause of the update failure is, someone started AEM as a root user before and later started as the regular user. During running as root user, crx-quickstart/launchpad/felix/bundleXX was owned by root. At the time of SP/CFP installation, AEM which is running as the regular user cannot write under bundleXX then the bundle update failed.

Resolution resolution

Check the file/directory owner under crx-quickstart. If some file/directory is not owned by the regular user for AEM process peform the following steps.

(1) Stop AEM.

(2) Change the owner back to the regular user.

(3) Start AEM.

(4) Reinstall the SP/CFP.